Conference on Partial Differential Equations
and Applications in Memory of Professor B.Yu. Sternin

November 6–9, 2018, Moscow, Russia


Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Lomonosov Moscow State University and Ishlinsky Institute for Problems in Mechanics of the Russian Academy of Sciences organize an International Conference on Partial Differential Equations and Applications in memory of Boris Sternin (1939–2017). Professor Sternin was a renowned mathematician who specialized in topics related to elliptic theory and partial differential equations and authored 17 monographs and over 400 scientific papers. He worked at mathematical research centers in Russia, France, Germany, Sweden, and United Kingdom.

The aim of the conference is to bring together leading specialists in the fields to which Prof. B.Yu. Sternin contributed. We also expect his coauthors, coworkers, and friends to take part in the conference.

The conference will include the following sections:

  • Asymptotic methods in problems of mathematical physics   (Chair: S. Yu. Dobrokhotov)
  • Elliptic theory and noncommutative geometry   (Chair: A. S. Mishchenko)
  • Complex theory of differential equations and its applications   (Chair: Yu. S. Ilyashenko)
  • Differential equations on manifolds with singularities   (Chair: B.-W. Schulze)

Program committee

S.Yu. Dobrokhotov, A.T. Fomenko, Yu.A. Kordyukov, V.M. Manuilov, V.P. Maslov (Chairman), A.S. Mishchenko (Vice-Chairman), V.E. Nazaikinskii, G. Rozenblum, E. Schrohe, B.-W. Schulze, J. Sjöstrand.

Organizing committee

A.V. Boltachev, V.I. Burenkov, V.M. Filippov (Co-Chairman), P.L. Gurevich, N.R. Izvarina, D.A. Loshchenova, E.I. Moiseev (Co-Chairman), A.Yu. Savin (Vice-Chairman), P.A. Sipailo, A.L. Skubachevskii, K.N. Zhujkov.


Deadline for registration: 17.06.2018
Deadline for abstract submission: 15.09.2018

Supported by RUDN University Program 5-100 and Russian Foundation for Basic Research (Project Nr. 18-01-20093)